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Sculpturing Massage workshop
Innovations in Figure Correction 2019 forum

october 11-13 2019

What is «Sculpturing Massage?»

The jubilee No.300 workshop «Sculpturing Massage»© is conducted by the creator of the method – Andrey Grebennikov

  1. You will learn to “sculpt figure“ and will be able to not only decrease the amount of subcutaneous fat for up to 3-6 cm on a separate body part, smooth out and lift the skin but also create a muscle form and increase muscle circumference for up to 2.5 cm during one course.
  2. You will have new potential clients - sportsmen.
  3. You will learn to make a “metabolic calendar” and know on which days human body would easily part with excess weight or can grow muscle mass.

IFC forum is

- an event for professionals working in the massage and cosmetology industry.
- Topical effective technologies: anti-stress, anti-cellulite, anti-aging.
- current reports of recognized masters from different countries of the world.

On completion of the seminar students will be able to carry out massage for:
  • local and general decrease of the amount of subcutaneous fat (weight loss);  
  • skin regeneration;
  • increase of the muscle circumference;
  • lifting and smoothing of the skin (anti-cellulite programme);
  • muscle tonus increase and creation of muscular projection (on the example of lifting the buttocks) as well as the increase of muscle strength of certain body parts;
  • detoxification of the system;
  • relieving the symptoms of climacteric syndrome.

The programme of studies is recommended by the National Association of Massage Therapists for the usage during upgrade courses for massage therapists, cosmetologists, aestheticians and experts in figure correction and the correction of age-related changes. The course is certified by the European Association of Aromatherapy and Massage (IFPA IGPP)

A lot of information

At the forum you will get a lot of new knowledge from the best teachers

Full-fledged theory

A lot of theory on all aspects of massage and cosmetology

Lots of practice

Practicing all the knowledge gained in practice

Workshop & IFC'19 SPEAKERS

the forum is conducted by expirienced specialists

Tinyakova Vasilisa (Russia)
The owner of the Training Center "Chair of Cosmetology and Massage", the representative of the Presidential Council of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Russian Professional Medical Association of Traditional and Traditional Medicine), the Expert of the Education Program "Applied Aesthetics" of the international non-profit movement WorldSkills International. She holds a diploma in cosmetology and massage of the International Committee of CIDESCO.
Business coach in the beauty industry. Author of techniques for training specialists in the beauty industry, as well as articles in professional publications.

Andrey Grebennikov (Russia)
Ph.D. of the Sports Physiology Department of St. Petersburg Research Institute of Physical Culture.
Andrey is the author of the miscellaneous articles on the massage problems published in the scientific and specialized magazines («Massage», «Baltikum Kosmetik», «In Essense», «Esthéticienne», «Kosmetik International», «Kosmetik and Medicine»).
Author of 5 books (Sculpturing – massage).
Many times he took part in the biggest national and international congresses and conferences.
Being a member of complex scientific groups, he used to work as a masseur in the representative teams of Soviet Union and Russia as well as a high level football clubs.

Chicuk Natalia (Belarus)
doctor-neurologist, teacher of massage techniques, body correction, nutritionist, expert in proper nutrition. Certified kinesiotiping instructor.

Valentina Nikolenko (Ukraine)
Doctor, founder of the massage school, teacher of exclusive methods of body correction.


  • Cost of participation
  • without prepayment

By prepayment

  • before 01.10.2019
  • 100% prepayment

The technique includes both well-known and newly-developed manual massage movements, elements of lymphatic drainage, stimulation of reflexogenic zones, biologically active points (acupressure) and aromatherapy.

The method produces splendid results in reshaping the human body which in itself is an advertisement for new clients.

Using the algorithms of these methods, just one course of sculpturing massage will help to reduce subcutaneous fat by 3-6 cm on any part of the body.


The methods are soft, comfortable both for clients and massage therapists and do not require excessive physical efforts from the therapist.                          

Significantly reduce the manifestation of cellulite, increase working efficiency, muscle tone and the strength of separate muscle groups as well as create a sculpted muscle look.

Currently, there have been 277 workshops in 33 countries worldwide. Over 3900 masseurs in the whole world are using this technique in their work.


Let us tell you more about the participation in IFC'19


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